How It Began


Hello! I'm Adam, the founder of Ambigo....gosh that's so exciting to say! And, a bit weird too, to be honest, because it's been a bit of a bonkers route to get here.

From when I was a young kid, growing up in Burton-upon-Trent (near Derby!) I'd always wanted to be a sports commentator...and that's what I became! I've been very fortunate (and I mean unbelievably lucky) to travel the globe and waffle on the telly about some of the world's best sportsmen and women. I've been so grateful to be sent to places like Japan, Uruguay, Italy, China and the Rio Olympics to name a few...but...even though it was great fun and an enormous privilege, I long had a nagging feeling that I'd be happiest if I was dedicating my time to helping other people somehow. It took a Guinness World Record attempt to trigger some action.

It wasn't a quick process though. It started over three years ago when, for my mate Alex's birthday, I decided to organise an attempt to beat the record for the longest-ever squash marathon with him. It would've been a doddle if it weren't for two problems:

1) I wasn't very fit
2) I didn't play squash

Long long story short, after a gruelling 12 months' training, we became world record holders by playing for 33 hours, 8 minutes. The whole experience showed me I could achieve things well outside of my comfort zone. That was a mindset I resolved to transfer to the rest of my life.

That's when Escape the City came along - a wondrous organisation - and I joined one of their 'Tribes', which was dedicated to figuring out how to pursue a purposeful future that revolved around our own definitions of success. They helped me realise three crucial things about what my next endeavour had to entail. I needed to do something that would...

  • leave others feeling valued
  • make others value themselves
  • empower people to realise their ambitions

After volunteering in Greece during the ongoing refugee crisis, and then having experienced the recent growing divisions and tensions in society generally, I also became determined to create something that would bring our communities together with a positive focus.

As I tried to figure out what that 'something' could be, I was stumped as to how I could possibly help people with their specific ambitions. Then, as I was doing the washing-up in my flat one evening, it hit me and it felt so obvious. The info, advice and contacts we need lie in the people all around us. Suds went flying as I searched for somebody to tell. It was time to provide the platform for us all to connect, share and support...and enjoy doing it too!

Now thanks to some incredible support locally, and from a French visionary known as Victor, it's happening. The enthusiasm and assistance Ambigo continues to receive has been invaluable and humbling. Communities full of friendly, inspiring people are connecting and making those ambitions go places. It's really not worth missing out on, especially when there's no entry fee. Can't wait to see you at one of the next events!