We hold fun, inspiring and inclusive events that bring our community together to achieve our ambitions. We help each other by sharing knowledge, advice, contacts and support.


Our Vision

A harmonious world where everyone is supported and encouraged to live a fulfilling life


Our Values

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“The Ambigo event was a pivotal moment that took my project off paper and into the real world.”
— Fran, London Rd
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Who is it for?

Everyone! Ambigo is welcoming, inspiring and fun for people of all backgrounds, ages etc. You'll fit right in as long as you bring your generosity and sense of playfulness and fun.

Who is it not for?

We don't want you to feel pestered or hassled so we don't welcome people whose main aim is to sell their services to you and make themselves money.

How much does it cost?

There is no fixed charge for our community events. We want to make sure they're accessible to ALL so they run on a Pay What You Can basis meaning you only pay whatever you can afford with no pressure and no guilt.

But I won't know anybody...

Most people at our open-to-all events come on their own as well. It's a very friendly atmosphere. We go out of our way to make sure you feel at home. 

What Ambigo is not:

*An event featuring motivational speakers and workshops.
*A mastermind.
*Focused only on careers. It's open to any ambitions that lead you to greater personal fulfilment.

How do you pronounce it?

Ambigo = AM-bee-go - Where your AMBItions GO places!

Sharing, Supporting, Stimulating, Exciting!
— Helen, Brighton